When it comes to sustainability, RIVERGATE clearly serves as a role model. It is not without reason that the “green building” has received several awards. A well thought-out energy concept and a forward-looking mobility concept ensure resource conservation and climate protection. RIVERGATE wins people over with the lowest operating costs at full service level. Tenants and the environment benefit equally from this.


Green Building

RIVERGATE was awarded the EU's GreenBuilding certificate. It has also been awarded LEED® Platinum certification, the US GreenBuilding Council's rarest and highest award. When it comes to sustainability, water balance, energy, atmosphere, materials, resources and spatial quality, RIVERGATE performs excellently.

Energy Concept

The Office Center's primary energy needs are covered by renewable energy sources such as geothermal energy and groundwater. This ensures environmentally friendly heating, cooling and ventilation – and a healthy and comfortable indoor climate. This reduces the office building's primary energy costs by 35% and lowers its CO2 emissions by 280 tonnes per year.

Geothermal Energy

The building is heated and cooled with geothermal energy and groundwater. This conserves valuable resources and minimises the primary energy requirement. Activated building components use the heat potential of the ground and groundwater in the winter and their cold potential in the summer. This energy output is amplified by heat pumps.


In the south-east, a louvre shade controlled by the position of the sun allows daylight into the office while ensuring the people inside can work without being dazzled. This saves you up to 80% in lighting costs. The electrically adjustable and individually controllable external sun protection of the other windows is partially supplemented by internal glare protection. Additional protection is provided by closed panels that punctuate the glass façade.

Green Energy

As a tenant at RIVERGATE, you can purchase environmentally friendly electricity from an Austrian provider at a reduced rate. The office building on the Danube is fully backing renewable energy from the sun, wind, water and biomass. For you and the environment, this means active climate protection in everyday office life – with low CO2 emissions, lower energy costs and a better quality of life.

Green Mobility Concept

RIVERGATE is located at a high-capacity public transport hub with direct connections to the airport and Wien Mitte. For short trips, a bike rental system is available right outside the door. Those who come with their own bike can use the 130 video-monitored bicycle parking spaces with a shower and cloakroom area attached. Drivers have the opportunity to charge their electric vehicles at 3 e-charging stations in the RIVERGATE underground car park.